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Soomtom (Hot)

Famous spicy Thai salad, Shredded fresh papaya mixed with dried ground shrimp, peanuts, lime juice, garlic and tomatoes.


Tiger Tear (Beef Salad) (Hot)

Sliced charbroiled steak marinated with onions, scallions and hot peppers served over fresh green salad.


Yum Pak (Hot)

Fresh lettuce and combination of many vegetables topped with peanut sauce.


Yum Pla Merk (Hot)

Grilled squids, cooked with onions, lime juice, lemon grass, and hot peppers, served over fresh green salad.

Larp Gai (Hot)

Minced chicken, cooked with lime juice, Thai spices, onions and scallions served on green salad.

Yum-Woon-Sen (Hot)

Clear noodles, minced pork and shrimp cooked with mushrooms, lime juice, onions and scallons, served on a green sald.